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Stephanie Tyler

I can't say enough good things about the staff at the Rayview Dental Group & Mark Melson. He is an excellent dentist, very knowledgeable & personable. Everytime you walk into his office you are pleasntly greeted by his staff, they are all great! Some of our employees have been to the Rayview Dental Group & all have ...had great experiences. Thanks so much you guys!!

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Robert Johnson

I was in a pretty bad accident & lost some teeth, I needed extensive dental work. I went to a company called My Dentist in Grandview, MO & paid up front for my services that I needed. After a month of waiting, they cancelled 6 appointments before finally prescribing me pain medication… only to realize at the pharmacist that they gave me someone else’s prescription!

I finally had enough of My Dentist, I demanded a refund, & my wife found Rayview Dental Group. RAYVIEW DENTAL IS AMAZING!! I was clearly skeptical about seeing another dentist but I was in pain & had no choice. They never cancelled on me & always called a day or so before to confirm/remind. They treated me great, the office staff is very friendly & made me feel very comfortable. They are also great with kids, I have a 4 year old & a 1.5 year old & they were wonderful with them. The "Doc", which is how I always referred to the dentist, was awesome. After being at My Dentist in Grandview I was leery about letting a dentist touch my mouth again but I am very pleased with the work I received & how I was treated. Truly an amazing dentist & staff. I give them 5 stars, 2 thumbs up & all that good stuff!! Check out my smile now.


Michael, Jennifer, Jessica and Casey Rose

Dr. Melson and staff,

My daughter Jessica Rose got Invisalign through your office.

The results were brilliant! So much more comfortable than traditional braces and it worked in half the time.

She smiles all the time and just loves her teeth.

We liked the results so much that we got invisalign for our son who is 12 years old and he too can't wait for his teeth to be finished.

Our family greatly appreciates your kindness and knowledge. The staff and Dentist was always there if you have any question at all.

Thank you so much.
Michael, Jennifer, Jessica and Casey Rose